About Us

rotisserieAbout General Enterprise, Inc.

General Enterprise, Inc. is a veteran owned and operated parts procurement company in the food service industry. We were founded in 2006 with the sole purpose of providing rotisserie owners with a low cost option to the overpriced heat-retaining bricks needed to operate gas rotisseries. We soon realized that owner-operators of such equipment were also paying too much for most other rotisserie replacement parts.

Today, General Enterprise works with large supermarket chains, national restaurant chains, and independent restaurants to provide deep discounts on a wide variety of rotisserie parts, including ceramic bricks, skewers, specialty screws and fasteners, doors and handles, to name a few.

How We Do What We Do

Call it luck or business savvy, but our appetite for rotisserie chicken led us to ask a few questions about the cost of doing business. We quickly learned that while the ceramic bricks used to heat gas rotisseries may not need to be replaced very often, when they do it’s expensive. After research and negotiations we found a way to cut cost out of the purchasing process while delivering the same high quality bricks used by the majority of gas rotisserie owners. Once we made people happy with our bricks, customers wanted us to help them source their other parts needs. So now we do that too.

Our Customers

Our customers range from independent restaurants with a single gas rotisserie to national chains with multiple machines in stores across the country. We are currently working with companies, including to help them reduce costs associated with operating their rotisseries. We sell refractory bricks and parts for many gas rotisserie machines.

Professional Service

We are also a proud member of Fixxbook.  Fixxbook is a division of ServiceChannel, the leading facilities services management platform. ServiceChannel created Fixxbook as a response to growing facility and contractor requests for better ways of connecting and conducting business.

Fixxbook helps facilities professionals find commercial repair and maintenance service providers. For
businesses looking to grow their service provider network, Fixxbook offers access to the most comprehensive online directory of qualified commercial contractors and provides the tools to search, hire, manage and monitor important contractor business information.

You can view our Fixxbook profile here.